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Acupuncture - $80.00.  

Laser(needle free) Acupuncture - $80.00

Tuina Massage - $130.00 

    This service is separate from acupuncture and may include cupping and gua aha

Cupping - $50.00

     This is a stand along services that issued in conjunction with any of the above mentioned services.   

Neuro Emotional Tecnique - $130.00

Smoking Cessation  Ear Acupuncture - $50.00


 While insurance may not currently cover acupuncture on its own, we can still incorporate it into your treatment plan. We accept insurance for counseling services, and anyone receiving counseling here can enjoy complimentary acupuncture sessions alongside their regular counseling. This way, you can experience the potential benefits of acupuncture without the worry of additional costs.

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